TV channel shows maulana claiming that covid-19 vaccine contains microchips

Many people from india and elsewhere are contacting the domain investor for mental torture related help
Hence the domain investor is closely monitoring all information from different sources.
According to Maulana Noorani from Karachi on Newsnation TV channel , Covid-19 vaccine may have microchips for mindcontrol
The microchips allows the controller to control the person vaccinated completely according to the noorani,read his mind, influence his thoughts
The accuracy of the report is not verified, though people are complaining that they are microchipped without their permission

Indian villagers are honest in their reaction to TV staff

In his program on News 24, their deputy editor Rajeev Ranjan is visiting villages around delhi
In the village of Tigaon near Faridabad, Haryana, 3-4 people are dying daily, allegedly of covid-19
No testing is taking place in these villages, which could be the reason why there is decrease in covid-19 numbers released by the health department
The villagers claim that the testing is not very reliable,
If they test positive, they will be forced to get admitted to the hospital
They claim that if people are admitted to the hospital only 15 people are getting cured, and 50 people die
So they prefer to remain at home and use their home remedies to get cured

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TV show Ardha Satya exposes huge hospital profits

In his TV show Ardha Satya on Indianews, Yashwant Rana exposed how hospitals are exploiting Covid-19 patients
He listed all the expenses which hospitals incur when treating covid-19 patients, including doctor, nursing and other expenses
He said that the total daily expenses of the hospital will not exceed Rs 4500 for each patient
Yet the hospitals are allowed to charge Rs 10000 per day for each patient
So he claimed that hospitals are making a huge profit from the covid-19 crisis and charging the patients very high fees. He also claimed that was network of politicians, hospital owners who were benefiting
The hospitals can exploit the patients only till the patient is admitted in the hospital.

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Maskless bihari villager not featured in covid news story on Newsnation when it was broadcast later

In Indian villages people are not getting tested for covid-19 and are also not getting vaccinated
The official figures for covid-19 in india may not be very accurate, because in Indian villages people are not getting tested for covid-19 and are also not getting vaccinated
A TV channel showed a healthcare centre, 20 km from Patna the capital of Bihar
The medical staff was idle did not have any work, and they claimed that no one was getting tested for covid-19 and are also not getting vaccinated, since they were not interested
The healthcare person pointed out a person who people said had covid, but was not tested
The TV staff, sinha asked the person why he was not getting tested
The villager said that he did not want to reply, and told the TV staff to take his TV mike elsewhere
There were many villagers who were not wearing any mask or taking precautions.
When the news was first broadcast, the maskless villager’s reply to TV staff was shown . Later when the same news was shown after 8 pm, the villager was not featured in the Newsnation report

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Dead bodies of people found floating in Ganga river washed ashore in Buxar, Bihar

In villages, people may be dumping the dead bodies of covid-19 patients in the rivers Ganga and Yamuna.
In some places like Buxar, Bihar, reports vary but some people say that 150 dead bodies are being washed to the shores , increasing the infection caused since a large number of people are using the water from the Ganga river.
The bodies appear to have been dumped a few days ago, since they are bloated.
The local officials claim that the bodies are dumped in UP, at Kanpur, Allahabad and other places
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So the number of covid deaths in India is likely to be higher, since the village deaths may not be counted accurately

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Covid dead bodies found floating in the river Yamuna at Hamirpur, UP

Indicating the extent of the covid 19 crisis, Covid dead bodies were found floating in the river Yamuna at Hamirpur, UP in the last few days. According to the information shown on Hindi television channels, instead of cremating and burial of the dead bodies, they are being immersed in the river.
The police claim that they have found at least 6 dead bodies
These bodies poses a danger to people living near the river, since they may also become infected.
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It is this complete lack of humanity and honesty in indian society and government that has led to the covid-19 crisis

Free hindi news channels have plenty of advertisers in India

Free hindi news channels have plenty of advertisers in India
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The hindi news channels on satellite tv are also often critical of the conditions in India, they are far more critical that the domain investor who is mainly criticizing the recruitment policy, wastage of taxpayer money on employees with fake resumes, like the IPS officers especially Parambir Singh are also complaining in the media
Yet it is observed that the free hindi new channels have a large number of advertisers, and new advertisers are added daily