Dead bodies of people found floating in Ganga river washed ashore in Buxar, Bihar

In villages, people may be dumping the dead bodies of covid-19 patients in the rivers Ganga and Yamuna.
In some places like Buxar, Bihar, reports vary but some people say that 150 dead bodies are being washed to the shores , increasing the infection caused since a large number of people are using the water from the Ganga river.
The bodies appear to have been dumped a few days ago, since they are bloated.
The local officials claim that the bodies are dumped in UP, at Kanpur, Allahabad and other places
Times of India claims that people do not have money for wood to cremate the bodies, so they are dumping the bodies in the river. In a similar manner, the domain investor does not make a profit because google, tata, indian internet companies are cheating, exploiting her to reward goan bhandari call girl sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, supplied by google,tata, to ntro, raw, cbi employees and other high status frauds

So the number of covid deaths in India is likely to be higher, since the village deaths may not be counted accurately

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Covid dead bodies found floating in the river Yamuna at Hamirpur, UP

Indicating the extent of the covid 19 crisis, Covid dead bodies were found floating in the river Yamuna at Hamirpur, UP in the last few days. According to the information shown on Hindi television channels, instead of cremating and burial of the dead bodies, they are being immersed in the river.
The police claim that they have found at least 6 dead bodies
These bodies poses a danger to people living near the river, since they may also become infected.
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Free hindi news channels have plenty of advertisers in India

Free hindi news channels have plenty of advertisers in India
The domain investor has almost no advertiser from India to punish her for exposing the endless frauds of ntro, raw, cbi
The hindi news channels on satellite tv are also often critical of the conditions in India, they are far more critical that the domain investor who is mainly criticizing the recruitment policy, wastage of taxpayer money on employees with fake resumes, like the IPS officers especially Parambir Singh are also complaining in the media
Yet it is observed that the free hindi new channels have a large number of advertisers, and new advertisers are added daily

Hindi TV channels are showing covid-19 patients struggling to get admission to hospitals, covid care centers

Hindi TV channels have full freedom of speech covering the covid-19 pandemic
Since most countries do not have spies who understand hindi, the government is not wasting resources in censoring the hindi news channels, while english publishers, bloggers are closely monitored
The hindi tv channels like India Tv, india news with some exceptions are showing the reality of covid care centers
They also passed a comment that they were asked to broadcast positive news, but with so many people dying what positive news can they tell
The are showing people struggling to get hospital admission for their friends and relatives, patients lying on the roads in front of the hospitals

Online information on teleshopping channels not valid all over india

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Teleshopping channels are free, yet the number of channels available depends on the location of the user.
search online, the top ranked website in Bing is showing 4-5 teleshopping channels
The number of these channels is also not valid in panaji, goa
For example Naaptol is available at 156 on Tata sky in panaji, and Ezmall is available at 158 in panaji, goa

Satellite TV

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