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Aerial surveillance using satellite technology is usually effective only outdoors, in areas which are not covered. Inside shops, offices, homes and other places, increasingly CCTV cameras are used for surveillance. Since the CCTV cameras are fairly expensive costing approximately Rs 15000, only larger shops can afford to have them, most of the smaller shops do not have any CCTV camera . The design of the shop also determines whether a CCTV will be required, with supermarket type shops mostly having a CCTV.

Usually jewellery shops and similar shops selling expensive items will also have CCTV cameras installed. Banks also have extensive CCTV footage systems, usually in the managers office. The manager will monitor the customers who are entering and leaving the bank, so that they can make arrangements accordingly. Similarly other organizations who are dealing with money, like investment service providers, larger pharmacies will also have CCTV systems.

The CCTV camera footage is usually stored on the hard disk of the computer. The hard disk space required for storing the CCTV camera footage is directly proportional to the amount of footage. Hence a large hard disk is required. Since most organizations do not require the footage for a very long time, they will usually keep the CCTV footage for a few weeks or months, and then erase it. This allows them to reuse the hard disk for capturing and storing new cctv footage.

It appears that the CCTV footage of various shops are centrally monitored. The face recognition technology is also used on the CCTV footage which is received to identify specific people. The local security agency employees are closely monitoring the domain investor when she enters a shop with cctv cameras, and are sometimes harassing and molesting her. They can plan the molestation using the footage, memory reading, and this makes visiting the shop or store a major problem for the domain investor.

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