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Increasingly in the last few years, drones have become extremely popular for aerial surveillance among security agencies, since the cost of the drones has reduced, and they have more features. In particular, they are used for monitoring agitations, protests, riots and other law and order conditions. When there is any protest or riot, or meeting, the police will usually deploy drones to take photos, videos of the gathering or the people involved. This is a safe method to get the footage, without sending a person who may be attacked or assaulted

This practice of deploying drones for capturing the footage of any agitation has become a standard practice in india and is widely reported in the mainstream media in India. The video and photo footage from drones is then analysed by the security agencies, to identify the persons involved. The face recognition technology may be used to track the person. Compared to satellite surveillance, drone surveillance is considered better, since there is more control on the drone

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