Hindi TV channels are showing covid-19 patients struggling to get admission to hospitals, covid care centers

Hindi TV channels have full freedom of speech covering the covid-19 pandemic
Since most countries do not have spies who understand hindi, the government is not wasting resources in censoring the hindi news channels, while english publishers, bloggers are closely monitored
The hindi tv channels like India Tv, india news with some exceptions are showing the reality of covid care centers
They also passed a comment that they were asked to broadcast positive news, but with so many people dying what positive news can they tell
The are showing people struggling to get hospital admission for their friends and relatives, patients lying on the roads in front of the hospitals

Online information on teleshopping channels not valid all over india

Due to lack of access to the amazon account of the domain investor, changed policy of not allowing non-smartphone users access, the domain investor decided to check the teleshopping channels on the satellite tv connection
Teleshopping channels are free, yet the number of channels available depends on the location of the user.
search online, the top ranked website in Bing is showing 4-5 teleshopping channels
The number of these channels is also not valid in panaji, goa
For example Naaptol is available at 156 on Tata sky in panaji, and Ezmall is available at 158 in panaji, goa

Satellite TV

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